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Fourchon Shorebase, LLC, 25700 Highway 1, Golden Meadow, LA 70357

The Fourchon Shorebase facility is located within that marine centric, industrial corridor which adjoins and/or flanks Bayou Lafourche more or less from its intersection with the Intracoastal Waterway to the Gulf of Mexico and is primarily oriented to the left descending bank of Bayou Lafourche just south of the Community of Leeville, Louisiana.

The Fourchon Shorebase facility immediate area constitutes that heavy industrial corridor flanking the above noted waterways from the Lockport/Larose area south to Port Fourchon and this area is developed with a variety of petroleum, shipbuilding, metal fabrication, marine service, and industrial supply enterprises. Fourchon Shorebase constitutes one of the larger concentrations of heavy industrial waterfront/marine oriented facilities in south Louisiana and said locale is known to be one of the region's heavy fabrication/shop, shipbuilding and offshore service hubs. Primary overland traffic arteries serving Fourchon Shorebase facility and the general vicinity include U.S. Highway 90 (north of subject) and Louisiana Highways 1, 24 and 308; said thoroughfares afford Fourchon Shorebase facility good overland logistical capabilities, as all provide good access and exposure to locations throughout south Louisiana. U.S. Highway 90 is a major east/west traffic artery, which connects the larger metropolitan areas of Lafayette, Morgan City, Houma and New Orleans and intersects most major north/south highways that facilitate ingress/egress to the state's coastal parishes, cities and towns. Louisiana Highways 1 and 308 are good, heavy duty regional collector arteries, which generally carry traffic in a north/south direction; moreover, same primarily connect the lower portions of Jefferson and Lafourche Parishes and, particularly, nearby Port Fourchon with the region's broader overland transportation network. Louisiana Highway 24, more or less, parallels the Intracoastal Waterway in an east/west fashion and connects the service "hub" of Houma with the Lockport/Larose area.

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